Now, while we are tucked away inside during chilly winter months, is the perfect time to plan your company’s summer event. Make it a taco party in our beautiful South Beach Lanes Lounge, or a picnic in Lucy’s Snack Bar with burgers, dogs and all the trimmings or a tasty buffet in our banquet room, Holder’s will do it YOUR WAY!

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Catering menu options are endless at Holder's



Why? It may seem like a small thing to worry about just yet, but the reality is that there are only so many perfect days in the week—and if you wait to long to book, it is highly likely that the dates you want at the venues you want will be booked.

When planning your party, there are a few things to keep in mind besides just the date:

    • Venue—Will you have the party at your home/church/workplace, or will you rent out a separate space? How will people get there? Is there sufficient parking?
    • Food—Will you be providing a full meal, or just light refreshments? Who will prepare the food? Will you cater, or have people bring individual dishes?
    • Entertainment—What will you do for fun? Will you rely on tried-and-true office games, or try to do something unique?
    • Cleanup—Who will take care of cleaning up everything when the party is over?

event planning center

Holder Family Fun Center can provide stress-free answers for all of the above questions and more for you this spring and summer.

We have already begun booking parties and special events for 2018. Our most popular venues are our bowling lanes, our private South Beach Bowling Lounge and our private dining room with customized catering.

These venues are perfect for office parties, employee appreciation events, larger family gatherings, church group celebrations, and so much more! Enjoy all of the fun of hosting your own party—without any of the mess or cleanup. Our staff will take care of it all while you relax and have fun. And of course, Holder Family Fun Center has plenty of parking and is able to accommodate large groups with ease.

Now is the time to book your party at Holder Family Fun Center, so give us a call today to ensure that you get the date you want! Contact one of our party specialists at (615) 590-4386, or visit our Event Planning Center to learn more about all we offer!

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