As anyone who’s thrown a party knows, finding and securing the venue for your party is the first step in the party planning process – once you’ve got that locked down, the rest will follow. Holder Family Fun Center specializes in FUN PARTIES! Here are just a few suggestions!

Intrigue them with invitations

Whether you choose to use digital invitations or old-fashioned paper, it’s smart to select something personalized with an appropriate theme. If you use paper, you can add bowling stickers or even create pin-shaped invites. By going the extra mile with invitations, you send a subtle message to your guests that your party is going to thoughtfully executed and fun.

Make sure everybody (or at least somebody) is a winner

If you bowl a fantastic game, it’s nice to have some tangible evidence of your success. Consider buying a bowling trophy to liven up the party with a bit of friendly competition. If you’re throwing a child’s birthday party, you can buy small and inexpensive participation trophies or a small stuffed animal for everyone in attendance.

For an adult party or a corporate event, consider buying something more substantial — perhaps a large, engraved trophy for the party’s best bowler. Display it prominently in the workplace to generate some buzz. Providing a goal to aim for is likely to ramp up enthusiasm among your guests.

Don’t strike out when it comes to food and drink

If you’re looking for wow factor, look no further than a cake designed to look like a bowling ball or bowling pin. If you’re looking for something easier, Holder’s has great food and drink options. You might consider serving updated takes on the classic American food or we can help you plan a custom menu.

Give guests something to take home

Sending guests home with a memento is a great way to ensure they remember your party fondly. Giving away items such as bowling party t-shirts, key-chains and pens is a good way to send everyone home with a token of your appreciation.

Ready to swap your party planning shoes for bowling shoes? Our private South Beach Lanes is the perfect venue. Holder’s can help you every step of the way.  Visit our Party Planning Center right now!